Lead acid replacement lithium ion battery 12v series

Long cycle life 3000-5000 cycles.
Safety,Environment friendly,pollution-free.
A grade pouch lithium battery cell.
Low internal resistance.
Fast Charging,Low self-release.
Good discharge and Charge Performance.
70% lighter than Lead acid battery.

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* High Reliability and Quality.
* Good deep discharge cycle capability.
* Excellent Recovery from Deep Discharge.
* Longer Service Life.
* Living Up to Prevailing Standards.
* Low self-discharge: lower than 3% of rated capacity per month under normal operating temperature.
* ABS case (can be made with flame retardant V0).
* No memory effect after repetitious usage or discharges.
* Maintenance-free operation.
* Sealed construction and leak proof.
* Safety valve regulated system.
* Operating in any position.
* The operating ambient temperature -40℃ to +65℃.


Model Number NOV1250L NOV12100L
Nominal Voltage 12.8V
Nominal Capacity 50ah 100ah 50ah 100ah
Charge End-off Voltage 14.6V
Discharge End-off Voltage 10V
Charging Method CC-CV
Initial Charging Current Standard Charge   0.2C
Max. Charge  >10℃ 1.0C
0~10℃ 0.2C
Max continious discharge current  30Amps(can be customised)
peak discharge current    50Amps
Main Protection Function Over Charge, Over Discharge, Over current, Short Circuit
Operating temperature charge 0-60℃
discharge -20-60℃
Storage temperature  1 month:-20-45°C
3 months:-20-35°C
6 months: -20-25°C

Details & applications



Grade A

Grade A LiFePO4 cells

6000 cycles

Long cycle life up to 6000 cycles at 80%DOD.


PCM&BMS use the lastest American or Japanese chips.

High Standard

Superb assembly process, high standard test technology, high performance safety.

Environmental Protection

No toxic, no air pollution, good for evironmental protection.


Free maintenance, easy for installation, plug&play.

Reasonable Price

Factory wholesale price&Long time warranty.



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