12.8v 100Ah waterproof lithium battery lead acid replace

12V 100Ah deep-cycle lithium battery, using advanced LiFePO4 technology ,Grade A Lifepo4 prismatic battery cells and M8 terminals.
The battery is designed for all deep-cycle applications, such as off-grid solar, RV, marine, camping, and backup power systems.This 12V 100Ah lithium iron phosphate battery can also be used to replace standard lead-acid batteries for electric scooters, UPS systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems and medical equipment. They are becoming more and more popular in military and aerospace applications. The 12V 100Ah lithium battery is very popular in the solar energy, RV and marine markets.

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Novoxy high-power lithium iron phosphate batteries can withstand more than 5000 charge/discharge cycles. LiFePO4 batteries have the longest shelf life and can be stored for up to 2 years in any charged state without worrying about degradation. This makes them very suitable for seasonal equipment because they do not require long maintenance.

This 12V 100Ah lithium battery can connect up to 4 batteries of the same type in parallel to form a 12V 200Ah, 12V 300Ah, or even a 12V 400Ah battery. It is also possible to connect up to 4 batteries of the same type in series to form 24V 100Ah, 36V 100Ah, or even 48V 100Ah batteries.


Model Number NOV12100A NOV12200A
NominalVoltage 12.8V
NominalCapacity 100ah 200ah
ChargeEnd-offVoltage 14.6V
DischargeEnd-offVoltage 10V
ChargingMethod CC-CV
InitialChargingCurrent StandardCharge 0.2C
Max.Charge >10℃ 1.0C
0~10℃ 0.2C
Maxcontiniousdischargecurrent 50Amps(canbecustomised)
peakdischargecurrent   100Amps
MainProtectionFunction OverCharge,OverDischarge,Overcurrent,ShortCircuit
Operatingtemperature charge0-60℃
Storagetemperature 1month:-20-45°C

For the parameters and 12.8v 100Ah waterproof lithium battery lead acid replace products in the table, please contact us if you have any questions, and we provide OEM and ODM services!

Details & applications

12.8v 100Ah waterproof lithium battery lead acid replace


Grade A

Grade A LiFePO4 cells

6000 cycles

Long cycle life up to 6000 cycles at 80%DOD.


PCM&BMS use the lastest American or Japanese chips.

High Standard

Superb assembly process, high standard test technology, high performance safety.

Environmental Protection

No toxic, no air pollution, good for evironmental protection.


Free maintenance, easy for installation, plug&play.

Reasonable Price

Factory wholesale price&Long time warranty.



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